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Choose Your Wigan Skip Size


2 Yard
  • 20-25 Wigan Bin Bags
  • 2 Tonnes of Wigan Waste
  • Garden or Small House in Wigan


4 Yard
  • 30-50 Wigan Bin Bags
  • 4 Tonnes of Wigan Waste
  • Builders or Clearances in Wigan


8 Yard
  • 80-100 Wigan Bin Bags
  • 8 Tonnes of Wigan Waste
  • Large or Bulky Waste from Wigan

14 Yard

  • 100-140 Wigan Bin Bags
  • 10 Tonnes of Wigan Waste
  • Enclosed and Lockable

Skip Hire Wigan

Cheapest Skip Hire in Wigan
The Skip Hire Wigan company offers the cheapest skip hire in the Wigan area. Our highly competitive Wigan prices and same day skip hire Wigan services mean we are the market-leading Wigan skip hire company.

Skip Hire Wigan are experts at providing quick skips in Wigan and recycling within Wigan. We are the best for residential skip hire in Wigan, commercial skip hire in Wigan and construction contracts.

Skip Hire Wigan meets the needs of its clients by providing skips at different sizes and all Skip Hire Wigan skips are provided at very competitive prices.

Wigan Skip Hire Prices and Sizes

MINI SKIP Wigan from £95
MIDI SKIP Wigan from £110
MAXI SKIP Wigan from £135

Wigan Council Collected and Household Waste Statistics 2012/13

Total local authority collected waste 140,312
Household - total waste 132,780
Household - waste sent for recycling/composting/reuse 64,512
Household dry recycling/reuse (tonnes) 44,401
Household green recycling/reuse (tonnes) 20,112

Management of Wigan Local Authority Collected Waste, 2012/13

Landfill 24,683
Incineration with EfW 44,257
Incineration without EfW 0
Recycled/ composted 71,313
Other 58
Total 140,312

Wigan local council Selected Waste Indicators 2012/13

Residual household waste per household (kg/household) (Ex NI191) 485.13
Percentage of household waste sent for reuse, recycling or composting (Ex NI192) 48.52%
Percentage of municipal waste sent to landfill (Ex NI193) 17.72%
Collected household waste per person (kg) (Ex BVPI 84a)  416.25

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